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Project Review Plans

A Review Plan is essential to ensuring project safety and quality of the products USACE provides to the American people. Review Plans identify the types of actions that are required during the planning of a project. These review actions may address quality, engineering methods, economic models and several other considerations. These plans provide the Chief of Engineers with an independent assessment of the project or work product. In developing Review Plans, USACE is responsible for providing an opportunity for public comment and for considering those comments in deciding the type of review to be carried out. Review Plans shall be published on the district’s public website.


 Current project peer review plan efforts:
Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Commander’s Approval for Major Subordinate Command (MSC) use of the National Programmatic review Plan Model for Continuing Authority Projects (CAP) and Regional Review Plan Models

 o Continuing Authorities Program Section 14, 107, 111, 204, 206, 208 and 1135 Projects 

 o  Regional Environmental Infrastructure  Programs - Section 313 (Pennsylvania), Sections 340 and 571 (West Virginia), Section 531 (Kentucky), Section 594 (Ohio), Section 569 (Minnesota) And Section 154 (Wisconsin)

  o  Great Lakes Fisheries and Ecosystem Restoration (GLFER) Program Section 506, Water Resources Development Act of 2000, as amended 

  o  Regional Routine Operations and Maintenance Review Plan

Locks and Dams 2, 3, and 4 Monongahela River, PA Review Plan

  o Charleroi Emptying Basin Quality Control Plan

  o River Chamber Quality Control Plan
Upper Ohio River, Emsworth, Dashields, and Montgomery(EDM) Feasibility Study
Emsworth Dams Rehabilitation Review Plan 
East Branch Dam Safety Project Design and Construction

  o  Major Subordinate Command Approval for East Branch Dam Modification Study 

  o  Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works Concurrence to Initiate Construction
Mahoning Creek Hydroelectric Project (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Project P-12555) 

  o Comment on Mahoning Creek Hydroelectric Power 

  o Mahoning Hydroelectric Power Approval Letter

Union City Dam Water Control Manual

  o Union City Dam Water Control Manual Review Plan

  o Major Subordinate Command Approval of the Union City Dam Water Control Manual Review Plan

Monongahela River Final Watershed Assessment, PA, WV & MD, Section 729 Watershed Analysis
Endorsement Monongahela River Watershed Assessment