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The Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District, is revising the Mahoning Creek Lake Master Plan to guide the management of government-owned and leased lands around the lake. This will impact future use of natural resources and recreational activities at Mahoning Creek Lake for the next 25 years. This is your opportunity to let the Corps know how you would like the Lake to be managed in the future.


Explore the website to learn more about the Master Plan update process and proposed content as it’s developed. Then, tell us what about Mahoning Creek Lake is most important to you and share what you’d like to do and see changed in the future at the Lake!


  • Share your perspective, sign up for our mailing list, and/or let us know how you’d prefer to be involved in the Mahoning Creek Master Plan Update by emailing us at celrp-pa@usace.army.mil.

  • Or join us at the upcoming Public Meeting To be held in late April. Details to come soon.


Come back to this website periodically to see what changes we are recommending for Mahoning Creek Lake. 


Explore Proposed Changes - Examples & Descriptions

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Dredging to remove sediment along the lakes is a potential improvement. This would create more navigable waters across the two projects. Sediment would be moved offsite so as to prevent it from reentering the water.
Development of new unrestricted boat ramps would include clearing land for access to the site, as well as the actual construction of the ramps.
The conversion of recreation facilities from low-density to high-density would require the clearing of land and placement of new recreation facilities.
The expansion and development of Blairsville Parks is also a potential improvement. Blairsville Parks are located along Conemaugh River Lake.
Improvements to water trails would create more signage identifying the trails. Additionally, the development of new trail stations would enable greater access to the water trails.
Planting of native plants would reduce the impact of invasive species in the area.
The Addition of Facilities to developed areas would include new playgrounds, additional pavilions, fish cleaning stations, out buildings, and restrooms.
Repairs and improvements to existing trails would occur along the numerous hiking trails and possibly include paving, reconstruction of fences, additional fences, or the addition of other amenities along the trails.
Trail system extensions would expand the development of new hiking trails into currently undeveloped areas.
Kayak and Non-Motorized Boat Launches would consist of the addition of new small boat ramps as well as the rehabilitation and repair of existing small boat ramps.
Campsite Electrical and Water Hookups would convert primitive campsites to those with electrical and water hookups specifically for RVs and Trailers. These changes would be made to locations such as Loyalhanna's Bush Run Recreation Area.
Expansion of existing boat launches would improve boat ramps and expand the boat trailer parking area.
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Explore Proposed Changes -- Map

Interactive Map

Click on the map above to be taken to our interactive map of the proposed Mahoning improvements.


What is a Master Plan? A master plan is the strategic land use management document that guides the comprehensive management and development of recreation, natural and cultural resources at Corps reservoirs now and into the future. The master plan is a land use management document and does not address water management operations, associated prime facilities (dam, spillway etc.), or shoreline management as those operations are outlined in separate documents. After a master plan is revised, the operational management plan and shoreline management plan would both be revised to be consistent with the goals identified in the master plan.


Why Update the Mahoning Creek Lake Master Plan? The current Master Plan was developed more than 40 years ago and is outdated. Changes in Corps regulations and community needs necessitate a revision to this Master Plan. The revision will classify the gov­ernment lands around the lake based on environmental and socio­economic considerations, public input, and an evaluation of past, present, and forecasted trends. This update is stewardship-driven and seeks to balance recreational development and use with the goal of conservation of natural and cultural resources.


What are the objectives of the Master Plan Update?

The Mahoning Creek Lake Master Plan Revision main objectives are:

  • Conserve the resources of the lake within the current poli­cies and guidelines of the Corps of Engineers

  • Accommodate current and projected use patterns with max­imum efficiency

  • Identify and protect cultural and natural resources

  • Attract maximum participation by the general public and local government