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Water Management

Roadmap of District with projectsKnown as the Headwaters District, the Pittsburgh District is comprised of the Ohio River drainage basin above New Martinsville, West Virginia. The District covers an area of approximately 67,000 square kilometers (26,000 square miles), including portions of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, New York and Maryland. Major river systems within the Pittsburgh District include the upper Ohio, the Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Beaver. The District manages 16 flood control and multipurpose reservoirs with a combined capacity of over 3.8 billion cubic meters (3 million acre feet) and 23 navigation locks and dams on 530 kilometers (330 miles) of navigable waterways. In addition, the District operates Lake Milton for the state of Ohio. Pittsburgh District Water Management provides accurate and timely information on conditions at Corps of Engineers reservoirs, as well as levels along rivers and streams within the Pittsburgh District.

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Reservoir Conditions

Daily Reservoir Report and Forecast - Current and expected pool levels and releases for the next three days. Graphical reservoir pool and outflow readings and forecasts are available from the National Weather Service.

The U.S. Geological Survey provides statewide lake and reservoir tables for:

NOTE - Between January 2010 and January 2012, the Pittsburgh District converted all reservoir pool gages from the NGVD29 datum to the NAVD88 datum. The Corps has prepared a brochure explaining the datums. Questions about our Water Management program or conditions at Corps of Engineers reservoirs, as well as levels along rivers and streams within the Pittsburgh District, can be addressed to our Reservoir Control Center at (412)395-7300.

River Conditions

Data are obtained by satellite telemetry from field gaging stations and Hydro Lab units, and are NOT CHECKED OR VERIFIED before being posted.

Water Quantity and Quality Data for the Region

The U.S. Geological Survey provides statewide streamflow tables for:

The National Weather Service AHPS provides current and forecast river data for the Pittsburgh Area.

Weekend Recreation Outlook

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Updated on  26  May 2016

Today Conemaugh Lake was releasing 5100 cfs this morning with a reduction to 3900 cfs this afternoon. We plan to make an addition reduction on Friday to release 3330 cfs with a possible reduction to 2200 cfs on Saturday. The pool is at 908.6 ft (NAVD88) and falling. This morning the Vandergrift stage was at 8.25 ft and slowly fall through the weekend to around 7.0’. The latest observed Vandergrift stage is available here.

The weather forecast for Vandergrift is provided by the National Weather Service.

Our primary reference for canoeing information is Roy Weil and Mary Shaw’s Canoeing Guide to Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia. It indicates levels that are recommended limits for safe canoeing on the Conemaugh and Kiski.

Long Term Outlook

Both Conemaugh River Lake and Loyalhanna Lake are "flood control only" projects, thus there is no storage allocated in either lake for low flow augmentation, recreation enhancement or any other purpose. All other potential benefits can only be accommodated if there is no significant impact on their authorized purpose of flood control.

That said, during the summer recreation season, we attempt to time our operations to enhance recreational opportunities on the Kiski River, to the extent practicable.

As always, we are operating Conemaugh and Loyalhanna Lakes in accordance to their authorized project purpose of flood control. Operations (gate changes) can only be made for project purposes for which storage has been allocated. Any other project purposes (i.e., recreation) are accommodated to the extent feasible.

Updated on 26 May 2016

Today Youghiogheny Dam is releasing 3700 cfs and the lake is at 1441.0 ft (NAVD88). We will be reducing the outflow today to 1680 cfs with an addition reduction on this weekend to release 1440 cfs. Current and projected lake levels and releases are shown here. 

This morning the Ohiopyle gage read 6.26 ft, is forecast to stay below 4.0 through the weekend. The current NWS River Forecast for Ohiopyle can be found here. Corps reservoir release forecasts are always built into the NWS river forecasts, so the effects of our release changes are shown there.

The rain is expected to start today and continue throughout the weekend. As always, we monitor lake and river levels on a daily basis and try to balance the needs of recreational users on both the lake and in the river downstream.

The weather forecast for Ohiopyle is provided by the National Weather Service.

Lake recreation users can call (814) 395-3166 for the current recorded information message on daily pool and outflow levels, safety, recreation, special events and fishing.

You can also call Ohiopyle State Park at (724) 329-8591 to hear a recorded message giving the daily stage reading.

Long Term Outlook

We are releasing water to meet downstream schedule, while retaining additional runoff to keep the lake near the summer target pool of 1438.4 ft. and 1440.4 ft. (NAVD88).

As always, we are operating Youghiogheny River Lake in accordance with its authorized project purposes of flood control, low flow augmentation for water quality and water supply. Operations (gate changes) can only be made for project purposes for which storage has been allocated. Other project purposes (i.e., fish and wildlife enhancement and recreation) are accommodated to the extent feasible. We continue to attempt to operate the project considering the needs of recreation users both on the lake and the river.

The outlooks above are generally updated every Thursday during recreation season.

Navigation Reports

Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers - Morning Report
Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers - Latest Report