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Pittsburgh District Office Directory

The Pittsburgh District office is located in downtown Pittsburgh at the corner of Liberty Avenue and Grant Street on the 20th, 21st and 22nd floors of the William S. Moorhead Federal Building.

Mailing Address:
PITTSBURGH, PA 15222-4186

(412) 395-7100
FAX: (412) 644-4093

E-mail address for general inquiries: 

A/E Contracts 412-395-7474
ACE-IT (Information Technology) 412-395-7538
Administrative Offices:  
Asset Management Branch 412-395-7192
Business Resource Division 412-395-7105
Civilian Personnel Advisory Center 412-395-7482
Construction Management Branch 412-395-7533
Construction Quality Management Course*
The Pittsburgh District periodically sponsors a two-day "Construction Quality Management for Contractors" course. The next course TBA
(724) 684-7462
Contracting Branch  412-395-7474
Corps Employees Retirement or Health Benefits  412-395-7486
Congressional Liaison   412-395-7106
Dam Safety  412-395-7318
Deputy District Engineer for Project Management  412-395-7105
Deputy District Commander  412-395-7102
District Commander  412-395-7103
Emergency Response Mission  412-395-7150
Employment Information  412-395-7488
Engineering, Construction & Technical Services Division  412-395-7252
Engineering: Civil Design  412-395-7111
Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical Design,
Cost Engineering, Specifications and Value Engineering
Engineering: Geotechnical  412-395-7318
Engineering: Hydraulic and Hydrologic Design  412-395-7351
Engineering: Structural Design  412-395-7297
Equal Employment Opportunity Office  412-395-7236
TTY 412-395-7439
Executive Office   412-395-7103
Flood Plain Information  412-395-7226
General Information:
Human Resources  502-315-6166
Hydrologic & Hydraulic Information
(e.g., water levels, gage readings, water flows):
Internal Review Office  412-395-7523
Land Use Permits  412-395-7185
Locks & Dams Branch  412-395-7652
Logistics Management Office  412-395-7455
Maintenance Branch  412-395-7601
Management Initiatives Branch  412-395-7314
Natural Resources Branch  412-395-7171
Navigation Design Branch  412-395-7301
Northern Area Office  814-763-5037
Office of Counsel  412-395-7490
Operations Division  412-395-7140
Permits  412-395-7155
Planning & Environmental Branch  412-395-7206
Program & Project Management Branch  412-395-7289
Public Affairs Office  412-395-7500
Readiness Office  412-395-7269
Real Estate Branch  412-395-7477
Recreation  412-395-7171
Recreation Permits  412-395-7176
Regulatory Branch  412-395-7155
Resource Management Office  412-395-7137
Safety Office  412-395-7292
Security Office  412-395-7504
Senior Citizen Recreation Passes  1-888-ASK-USGS
Small Business Office  412-395-7127
Southern Area Office  304-265-1482
Water Management Branch  412-395-7300
Wetlands/Regulatory Permits  412-395-7155


* The course is intended for individuals responsible for implementing the quality control requirements of a typical Corps construction contract. The Corps of Engineers requires, in certain contracts, that the individual responsible for quality control possess a certification that they have passed the course. The course consists of approximately 12 hours of classroom instruction. Certification of course completion is valid for five years. Completion of training offered by other Corps of Engineers Districts will be acceptable provided a valid certification is presented.