Pittsburgh District Commander to address Dashields tragedy

Published May 26, 2017
An aerial view of the Lock and Dam facility

An aerial view of the Lock and Dam facility

                        WHO:              U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District


WHAT:             A press conference to communicate the Army Corps’ actions in response to the tragic incident at                                   Dashields Lock and Dam on the Ohio River, May 20, that claimed the life of one person and that left                              one woman missing.


                         WHEN:             2:00 pm, Friday, May 26, 2017


WHERE:           Dashields Lock and Dam

DIRECTIONS:   From Pittsburgh, take Route 51 to the intersection of Spring Run Road and McCutcheon Way. Turn                                   right onto McCutcheon Way. (Keep to the left, go around sharp bend) Take McCutcheon Way across                              the railroad tracks. Make the first right turn to the lock and dam.

CORECTION:    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is issuing the following correction regarding information provided                              to the media related to the tragic drowning incident at Dashields Lock and Dam, May 20. The Army                              Corps stated that there were 17 pillar buoys and 33 mellon buoys in place at Dashields Lock and                                   Dam. This is incorrect. The accurate number is 6 pillar buoys and 14 mellon buoys upstream of the                              dam. The facility also has the following warning signs and buoys in place: one upstream caisson in                              the middle of the river with a red and white sign reading “DAM DANGER”, one red and white sign                                   reading “DAM DANGER” on the first landing cell upstream, one abutment wall painted with the red                              and white words “DAM DANGER” upstream, one upstream river side guide wall with red and white                              words reading “DANGER DAM” painted on it, one sign on the river side bullnose reading “KEEP OUT                              DAM AHEAD.” We also have the following signs downstream: one “KEEP OUT DAM AHEAD” sign,                              one lower river wall bullnose with a sign reading “KEEP OUT DAM AHEAD.”  


Please contact Jeff Hawk at 412.395.7500/01 or email CELRP-PA@usace.army.mil for additional questions or clarifications.

Jeff Hawk
412.713.4626 (cell)
1000 Liberty Avenue, 22nd Floor

Release no. 17-017