Army Corps funds water resource infrastructure work in three Ohio villages

Published Feb. 28, 2018

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District announced today that three eastern Ohio villages are receiving more than one million dollars each to assist with water-related environmental infrastructure repair and improvement.

The villages include New Waterford, Smithfield and Mount Pleasant in Ohio.

The Corps’ Section 594 provides the authority to assist public entities with design and construction of environmental infrastructure projects. The authority includes wastewater treatment and related facilities; sewer outflow; water supply; storage treatment and related facilities; and other water resource protection and development efforts.  

“Assisting with environmental infrastructure projects in small communities is some of the most rewarding work that we do at the Army Corps,” said Col. John Lloyd, commander, Pittsburgh District. “I applaud the leaders of these communities for reaching out to the Army Corps to help address public health and welfare issues and to improve the quality of life for their residents.”

Communities seeking more information on Section 594 funds can visit the Small Communities Environmental Infrastructure Group:

The following details the amount of funds provided and the planned scope of work for each community:

The Village of Mount Pleasant

USACE is providing $1,075,000 in design and construction assistance for this Section 594 project in the Village of Mount Pleasant, Ohio, 12 miles north of Wheeling, West Virginia. As the project sponsor, Mount Pleasant will be implementing upgrades, repairs and replacements to its system. This work includes upgrading of the existing booster station; upgrading and repairing of the existing second well; replacing the remaining old water lines; replacing all remaining cast iron water pipes with 6-inch polyvinyl chloride or PVC pipe for fire flow; installing new fire hydrants; and, new valves for isolation of the system. The upgrades also include replacing the two booster pumps, pump control valves, and the two transfer pumps. Additional upgrades include refurbishing the existing second vertical well to provide a backup well to the primary vertical well, and replacing the existing water meters with new meters that incorporate technology for convenient and routine readings.

The Village of New Waterford:

USACE is providing $1,075,000 in design and construction assistance for this Section 594 project in the Village of New Waterford, located 21 miles south of Youngstown, Ohio. The project is the removal of approximately 12,000 lineal feet of existing asbestos cement, cast and black iron, PVC waterlines, and fire hydrants; and, the installation of approximately 12,000 lineal feet of new 6-inch to 12-inch PVC waterline in the Village of New Waterford’s water system including fire hydrants. 

The Village of Smithfield:

USACE is providing $1,075,000 design and construction assistance in Section 594 project funds for the Village of Smithfield, located 22 miles north of Wheeling, West Virginia.  The Jefferson County Water and Sewer District is implementing upgrades and repairs to the Village of Smithfield sewer system. These include maintaining the existing septic tank effluent gravity system currently in place; and, repairing and replacing the most deteriorated and/or disabled components to render the system fully functional and safe. The village is anticipating replacing approximately 25 percent of existing sanitary sewer lines with 6-inch or 8-inch diameter pipe, as well as replacing approximately 25 percent of the manholes with full size manholes. Each sewage pump station will be rebuilt; it is anticipated that 25 percent of the force main will be replaced and air relief valves installed. Finally, solids from the aerated lagoons will be removed and all deficient aerators and blowers replaced or repaired.

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