$123.7 million in additional FY 19 appropriations for area’s water resource infrastructure projects

Published Nov. 28, 2018
Work Plan-funded projects: Lower Mon Project. Mahoning River Basin. Ohio River Navigation Project. East Branch Dam. New Cumberland Lock & Dam. Marshal Township, Pa. Bethelboro, Pa. Harris County, W.Va.

Work Plan-funded projects: Lower Mon Project. Mahoning River Basin. Ohio River Navigation Project. East Branch Dam. New Cumberland Lock & Dam. Marshal Township, Pa. Bethelboro, Pa. Harris County, W.Va.

PITTSBURGH –The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District, reports that the Fiscal Year 2019 appropriations will include an additional $123,655,000 funded through the work plan for the district’s civil works program. 

Total appropriations for FY19 are expected to be more than a quarter of a billion dollars.

“These additional funds provide a boost to the regional economy while maintaining and improving our vital water resource infrastructure,” said Col. Andrew “Coby” Short, commander, Pittsburgh District. “This will help ensure we fulfill our commitment to reduce flooding, provide reliable navigation, enhance the environment and offer quality recreation for the citizens of the Upper Ohio River Basin.”

Highlights of the work plan include $89 million for the Lower Monongahela River Project to continue construction of a new river chamber at Charleroi Lock and Dam in Charleroi, Pennsylvania; dredge a new navigation channel; and, award contracts for smaller project features. Half of this funding will be provided from the Inland Waterways Trust Fund, which generates funds from taxing diesel fuel used by commercial tow operators.

The district’s system of 23 locks and dams also received an additional $9.2 million to help ensure safe and reliable navigation along the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers.  The appropriations will help fund a $6.6 million contract for fabrication of a set of new auxiliary chamber miter gates at New Cumberland Lock and Dam on the Ohio River near Stratton, Ohio.  This will be the first step towards getting the auxiliary chamber back in service for navigation use.

The East Branch Clarion River Lake Dam Safety Project in Elk County, Pennsylvania, will receive $18.7 million to add to $14 million provided in the FY19 President’s Budget. The additional funds will be used to continue construction of a 2,100-foot long, 260-foot deep concrete cutoff wall within the existing earthen dam to permanently address seepage-related issues.

Also included in the work plan is $2.5 million for the Upper Ohio Navigation Study. The funding will be used to continue pre-construction design work for a project at Emsworth, Dashields, and Montgomery locks and dams on the Ohio River. The project will provide for the

replacement of each auxiliary lock at the three facilities with construction of one new 110-ft-wide by 600-ft.-long lock chamber.

Additional funds of $2.2 million in operations and maintenance funds were received through the work plan to complete high priority work at the district’s multi-purpose reservoirs. Of that, approximately $1 million is designated for water manual updates for the district’s three reservoirs in the Mahoning River Basin.


The district received $5.1 million in funding to support several local sponsors in making improvements to their water and sewer systems through the Environmental

Infrastructure Program. Pending the signing of cost-share agreements, three communities will receive federal funding for environmental infrastructure improvements.

              -The work plan funding provides $938,000 for the district to enter into a reimbursable North Union Sewer Project agreement to construct a replacement                           sewer system for the antiquated sewer lines currently servicing the citizens of Bethelboro, Pennsylvania and extend sewer lines to those citizens that                    currently have on-lot septic sewage systems. 

                -In partnership with the West View Water Authority, work plan funds of $1.8 million are provided to support a 16-inch water main line being extended by                          another 10,300 feet in Marshall Township, Pennsylvania      

              -In partnership with the West Fork Onsite Community Cooperative, a decentralized Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) collection and treatment system in                 Harrison County, West Virginia will be constructed with $2.3 million in additional appropriations.

 “The district team is excited to perform this work that supports the economy and improves the quality of life for those living in the Upper Ohio River Basin,” said Short. “The additional funding recognizes the value of our vital water resource infrastructure and the difference it makes in people’s lives.”

Pittsburgh District’s 26,000 square miles include portions of western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, eastern Ohio, western Maryland and southwestern New York. Our jurisdiction includes more than 328 miles of navigable waterways, 23 navigation locks and dams, 16 multi-purpose reservoirs, 42 local flood protection projects and other projects to protect and enhance the nation’s water resources, infrastructure and environment.

The district’s additional missions include water supply, emergency response, and regulation of the Clean Water Act. The Corps often partners with local communities to improve water supply, sanitary sewer and storm water infrastructure. During disasters, the district manages the nation’s emergency power contract which provides temporary power to downed critical infrastructure. District personnel deploy overseas to help build, manage and administer water resource infrastructure projects.

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