Corps notifying boaters that warning buoys are not in place due to high water

Published April 15, 2015
Fog disappears in the morning sun at Kinzua Dam.

Fog disappears in the morning sun at Kinzua Dam.


The buoys delineate the restricted areas up- and downstream of the Corps’ lock and dam facilities. Boaters should not assume that these navigation aids will be on station to identify these restricted areas. Boaters are urged to use extreme caution near our facilities. Low-head or fixed crest dams are difficult to see when traveling downstream.

Buoys will be set when river conditions allow safe placement.

Boaters are advised to consult navigation charts when preparing to recreate on local waterways, and to be aware of the landmarks and potential hazards on the river.

Boaters should also wear their lifejackets at all times.

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Release no. NR15-105