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Posted 2/25/2013

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By Kyle Kraynak
Shenango River Lake

One thousand Rainbow Trout were stocked at the Shenango Dam Outflow Area and at two other locations in the Shenango River Feb. 5.

     To avoid the icy steps and snowy shoreline, the trout were released using a truck tube.

     The trout were delivered from the PA Fish & Boat Commission’s Pleasant Gap Hatchery, http://fishandboat.com/images/fisheries/fcs/pleasantgap-sfh.htm, located about 160 miles from the Shenango Dam.
     Most of the fish were approximately 10-13 inches in size. Even though the section of river below the dam is a highly popular “approved trout water,” it also has a strong reputation for quality catches of walleye, bass, musky, pike, catfish, crappies and other pan fish.