Corps holds Stonewall Jackson Lake water control manual meeting

Published May 1, 2012
Weston, W.Va. -- On May 3, the Pittsburgh District, Corps of Engineers held its first public meeting about water control manuals. "Our goal was to inform the public of how we operate Stonewall Jackson Lake in Lewis County, W.Va.," said hydrologist Katie Bates. The operating plan of any dam, she said, is the heart of the water control manual. Stonewall Jackson Lake began operation in 1986 using a design document written before the dam was built. "This design document, the 'General Design Memorandum,' told us how to operate the dam and balance all five of the Congressionally authorized purposes for the reservoir," Bates said. The memorandum also contained predictions of how watershed conditions would change in the upcoming years. Now, the district is creating the first water control manual for Stonewall, and informing the public about what they've learned since operation began and how that information is used to operate the dam today. (Click HERE to view meeting presentation, which shows how the Corps uses the water control manual to fulfill the missions given to Stonewall Jackson Lake