Conducting an assessment for Kirwan Dam

Published March 11, 2014

A periodic assessment was conducted for Michael J. Kirwan Dam, Feb. 18-28, as part the USACE Dam Safety Program designed to ensure the safety and reliability of the district’s projects.

The periodic assessment program involved an in-depth evaluation of the project features such as design information, construction and maintenance records, and risk related factors. Prior to the office review, flood modeling and economics are also developed. Then, the assessment required a two week office review of all available design, construction, and historical information.  The assessment evaluated the project vulnerabilities and associated risks. It identified the need for further evaluation studies, identified and prioritized any data collection, analyses, and study needs. Additionally, the assessment identified operations and maintenance, monitoring, emergency action plan, training and other recurrent needs; and provided a better understanding of vulnerabilities and a basis for future dam safety inspections and activities.

Participants included discipline representatives from Dam Safety, Electrical, Geologist, Geotechnical, Hydraulics & Hydrology, Mechanical, Operations and Project staff, and Structural, with the effort facilitated by the Risk Management Center.