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Posted 11/18/2014

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By Eric Schreckengost
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District

Members of the Pittsburgh Engineering Warehouse and Repair Station partnered with the Mosquito Lake staff to repair a leak at the dam outflow during the week of Sept. 22. 

Jason Filer, Project Engineer, along with Gordon Brown, Jim Draper, and Chris Bushaw from the Repair Party led the work with assistance from the Mosquito Lake team to repair the training wall joint in the outflow that has been an issue at the lake for years.

To accomplish the task, a cofferdam was constructed to keep the work area dry, and numerous holes were drilled on both sides of the training wall joint. Workers injected a fast-acting sealer through the holes to fill the voids inside the joints.

The task took four days to complete and attests to the Corps’ ability to tackle problems with new and innovative strategies in a team effort.

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