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Posted 2/23/2016

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By Carol E. Davis and Samantha Peitz
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District

As part of National Engineers Week, members from the Pittsburgh District participated in the Carnegie Science Center’s Engineer the Future, two-day event, Feb. 19-20.

The event was intended to celebrate the science of engineering and the region’s achievement in all aspects of the field. Students visiting the district’s booth could see a demonstration of the working replica of the Opekiska Lock and Dam model. Additionally, students participated in variety of scientific experiments to include building a clay boat and a penny experiment.

After building a clay boat and testing its ability to float, students place coins in the boat to observe how many it took to sink the boat. The experiment was designed to teach students the concept of buoyancy.

During the penny experiment, students to use a water dropper to determine how many water drops they could fit on a single penny. The experiment was used to teach the concept of surface tension. 

District volunteers also promoted water safety and explained the district’s role in the region. More than 1000 students attended the event.


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