Author: Carol Vernon
  • May

    Headwaters Highlights: Volunteer edition at Woodcock Creek Lake

    In 2004, due to the USACE volunteer program, Mark Ritke installed a dozen bluebird boxes at Woodcock Creek Lake, which fledge more than 50 bluebirds yearly. Because Mark monitors his bluebird boxes regularly throughout the nesting season and uses predator guards, he has a nearly 100 percent fledgling success rate.
  • March

    Corps protects town’s sanitary system

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District is partnering with the Town of Worthington to reclaim an eroded bank along a 1,400-foot stretch of the West Fork River. The more than $880,000 project is designed to protect a sanitary sewer line that runs along the riverbank. The project is being funding in a 35-65 percent split between the City of Worthington and the district.