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    Leaders in riverway commercial traffic visit Mega Project construction in Pittsburgh

    Industry experts, inland navigation stakeholders, government officials and more stepped off the bus and walked over to a welcome station where they donned life jackets and hard hats. Most members, stakeholders, and government officials already knew one another, but some shook hands as leaders in the shipping industry introduced themselves to federal employees and military officers from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Pittsburgh District’s Water Quality team conducts first “spring pulse”

    Millions of gallons of water rushed out of the Kinzua Dam every minute for eight hours straight into the Allegheny River. The outflow caused the Allegheny River to rise by almost two feet. The water pushed out of the dam with massive force, resembling giant firehoses opened to full blast. This water release event was seven years in the making, a perfect storm of conditions that allowed water quality experts to replicate a spring pulse.
  • Pittsburgh District lakes and dams prepare for recreation season

    Park rangers across the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District have been preparing for the upcoming recreation season throughout the winter months. "Recreation season provides us a platform to get out and do what we signed up to do. Park rangers love being outdoors and working with the public. This is the time when we can allow our imaginations to run wild by coming up with different interpretive programs and events to connect with the visiting public," Alex Stevenson, northern area park ranger.