Hydrographic Survey Data

The files below are provided for public use and are developed from hydrographic sounding data obtained during regular Corps of Engineers surveys of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio riverbeds. The Corps uses this data for various purposes, including determining if dredging is necessary to maintain the navigation channel.
     The sounding data is reduced to a group of points located in x, y and z axes. Users with GIS or survey software should be able to import and use the files easily. The files are continuously updated with the results of the latest hydrographic surveys.


Allegheny River


Monongahela River


Ohio River

Mile 0-7 

Mile 7-14

Mile 0-5 

Mile 5-11

Mile 11-17

Mile 17-24

Mile 24-41

Mile 41-61 (Multi-Beam)

Mile 61-82

Mile 82-91

Mile 0-3 

Mile 3-6

Mile 6-11

Mile 12-13

Mile 13-24

Mile 24-32

Mile 32-37

Mile 37-44

Mile 44-48

Mile 48-54

Mile 55-60

Mile 60-64

Mile 64-68

Mile 68-72

Mile 72-76

Mile 76-80

Mile 80-84

Mile 85-126

Image of how hydrographic surveys are done
Note: The tide correction is often referred to as the gage correction for river surveys.