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Shoreline Use

The purpose of the Shoreline Management Program is to protect and manage shorelines of all Civil Works water resource development projects under Corps jurisdiction in a manner that promotes the safe and healthful use by the public while maintaining environmental safeguards to ensure a quality resource for use by the public. The objective of all management actions is to achieve balance between permitted private uses and resource protection for general public use.

Except to honor written commitments made prior to December 13, 1974, private shoreline uses are not allowed on water resource projects where construction was initiated after this date or on water resource projects where no private shoreline uses existed as of that date.

The following Pittsburgh District projects have formal Shoreline Management Plans that have been developed in accordance with Corps guidance:


Berlin Lake  

(330) 547-3781

Loyalhanna Lake   (724) 639-9013
Mosquito Creek Lake   (330) 638-7312
Tygart Lake   (304) 265-1760
Youghiogheny River Lake   (814) 395-3242

Shoreline Management Plans

The Shoreline Management Plans for the Pittsburgh District projects listed below are available to download in .pdf format.  The Shoreline Management Plans for other Pittsburgh District projects that allow shoreline uses are available at the Park Manager’s Office.

Berlin Lake

Berlin Lake Shoreline Management Plan (June 2008)

Berlin Lake SMP Questions & Answers (June 2008) 

Tygart Lake

Tygart Lake Shoreline Management Plan (2020)

Tygart Lake Environmental Assessment (2020)

Tygart Lake Shoreline Management Plan Signed Approval (2020)

Youghiogheny River Lake

Youghiogheny River Lake Lakeshore Management Plan (January 1987)

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Program Summary- A chronological history of the Shoreline Management Program.