Upper Ohio Navigation Study FEIS Appendices

Cultural Resources  Cumulative Effects Invasive Species Correspondence  Two Lock Modernization Analysis  
Economic Updates DEIS Public Review Comments & Responses Larval Fish Survey  
ETA Document ED1 (Emsworth)            Ecosystem Restoration Study  Mussel Survey   
ETA Document ED1(Dashield) Endangered Species Act Correspondence Prior Ohio River Environmental Reports   
ETA Document (General Engineering) Environmental Justice Upland Work Area Surveys   
Benthic Substrate Surveys   Fish and Wildlife Mitigation, Monitoring and Adaptive Management USFWS ORMSS 2(b) Coordination Act Report 2009         
Clean Air Act Update      Fish Passage Study    USFWS Upper Ohio Planning Aid Report Update        
 Clean Water Act Section 404  Hydro-acoustic Survey ORMSS Report