Management and Disposal

Real property management and disposal services involve realty specialists conducting the following types of activities:

• Investigates and recommends resolution of encroachments and boundary disputes on government property.
• Develops interim land management plans and assists in preparation of Project Master Plans, as required.
• Prepares reports on annexations and retrocession of jurisdiction, resolutions of encroachments and boundary disputes, executive order surveys and studies of civil work properties.
• Site Inspections - perform real property investigations to assess use, condition, maintenance, and code compliance requirements.
• Inventory - develop records to establish and maintain accurate accountability of ownership data, boundaries, and property improvements.
• Outgranting – reviews, processes and administers grants for use and occupancy of civil real property and oil and gas leasing activities.
• Disposal – Reports excess lands or improvements to GSA, administers the sale of timber, crops, hay etc., and surplus government-owned improvements and executes exchanges of  real property.
• Screening eligible sources for disposal of surplus and excess federal land holdings.


Department of Army (DOA)
Department of Justice (DOJ)
Department of Energy (DOE)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
General Services Administration (GSA)
State and Local Governments

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